PMI Houston Katy: "How Mega Projects Will Be Managed in Year 2124"-General Events

PMI Houston Katy: "How Mega Projects Will Be Managed in Year 2124"

PMI Houston Katy: "How Mega Projects Will Be Managed in Year 2124"


Evolution of project management

  • History
  • Today
  • Trends
  • Imagining the future Cases of IA in Management of Mega-Projects

Our world is in constant change, and not only in matters of technology, the way of thinking, human behavior, and even our environment changes day by day, hence the importance of knowing our present and understanding our past is of vital importance, but something that I consider even more important, is our future, although we know that the future is uncertain, anticipating or being able to predict with a high degree of accuracy the changes is very important and can make a difference in the expected results.

Projecting how mega projects will be managed in 100 years (in the year 2124) is highly speculative, and it involves imagining advancements in technology, changes in societal structures, and potential paradigm shifts.
Here are some speculative ideas on how mega projects might be managed in the distant future:

  1. Advanced Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):
  2. Telepathic and Neural Connectivity:
  3. Quantum Computing for Complex Simulations:
  4. Self-Constructing and Self-Maintaining Infrastructure:
  5. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs):
  6. Interplanetary Mega Projects:
  7. Biotechnology for Human Enhancement:
  8. Conscious AI Decision-Makers:
  9. Real-Time Global Collaboration in Virtual Environments:
  10. Holistic Ecosystem and Planetary Management

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the origins of Project Management.

  • Understand our current status.

  • Have an understanding of the potential future developments.

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DR. Sam Malik, P.Eng., PMP, CMC, MBA, PhD


Senior executive with 30 years leadership experience in oil and gas, energy, EPC, EPFCM, chemical, mines, PVC, resins, power, and water industry. Strong track record of successfully managing business safe operations, equipment procurement, manufacturing, finance, and mega projects. Proven track record of Operational Excellence, business transformation, business development, JV, acquisitions, new business, strategic goal accomplishment. Experienced in finance, business profitability, resources, schedule, budget, business vision; HSE, QA, QC, engineer, global procurement, fabricate, construction, and joint venture and acquisitions. ■ Executive Management ■ Focused Leadership ■ Performance Delivery Management ■ Strong Business Vision ■ Project Management Excellence Hobbies: Reading books, Harley Cruising, Spending time with Family!

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