Military Outreach

Program Background

We are an extension of and in alignment with PMI’s Operation, Qualify for Hire program. PMI Houston Military Outreach is primarily a mentoring program. If you you are a service member and would like more information and/or mentoring on creating a career in Project Management, please contact us by filling out our Military Mentoring Program form.


Program Purpose

We are a mentoring and assistance program to support our Military - Active Duty, Veterans, Reservists, National Guard, Military spouse and those in transition or who have transited from military to civilian life. With a large number of veterans residing in the Houston Metro area, coupled with a Reduction in Forces (RIF) over the coming years, the number of military members looking for work upon separation will increase. We aim to aid all Veterans, those still serving, in transition, and those who are retired and looking for additional help in the project management arena.

Military Outreach offers a multitude of resources on career and professional development. Drop us your details here to contact us and start the journey.

Latest News

Your military experience provides the perfect set of experiences and skills to prepare you for a career in project management, and the PMI Houston Military Outreach team is here to help you. The purpose of the program is to prepare U.S. Military Service members (active duty, Guard/Reserve, Veterans and/or spouses) for careers in project management and to enhance the careers of the existing Military population already in a project management career. The official strategic focus is to aid military members to join, qualify, certify, and place.

Discover how the PMI Houston Military Outreach team can help you:

  • Inventory Your Skills — Some military experience actually qualifies as project management experience in the Project Management Professional (PMP)® program, or the entry level Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® program for those with little or no project management experience.
  • Translate Your Skills — Put those military skills into project management jargon used in the industry.
  • Explore Project Management (Projectized) Sectors — Consider not only industries and companies currently operating in a project management manner, but also those emerging industries (i.e., healthcare and technology sectors) where high growth and increased demand for project managers are expected.
  • Meet People in the Field — Research professional and trade organizations; network among individuals working in the industry and/or other military veteran project managers; or engage professional social media or chapter venues where project managers assemble. Discover people who can help you determine if project management is the right fit for you, and mentor you through the process.

Which Project Management credential is right for you?

We can help you answer that question.

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) - perfect if you want to break into the project management field, or are now working with projects and project managers.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®) - The most widely sought-after certification by hiring managers for project management positions. This certification is perfect if you’re leading or managing projects.

NOTE: There are programs to help cover the cost to you. Active Duty may qualify for an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI).

Program Approach

For separating and retired veterans, we offer:

  • Networking and educational opportunities for local veterans, Guard/Reserve, and active duty personnel interested in transitioning into Project Management.
  • Certification training advice
  • Job search advice
  • Career advice for existing project managers
  • Job searching via networking and Skillfest-like events.

For active duty audiences, our program offers:

  • PM training
  • Certification assistance
  • Mentoring