Sep 27

    Energy Corridor: Quality - Why is it so Critical for the Energy Industry?

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    Oct 10

    North: Introduction to Work Management and Process Automation Tools

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    Oct 11

    Galleria: Introduction to Work Management & Process Automation Tools

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    Oct 12

    Oil & Gas Networking in the Energy Corridor

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    Oct 16

    PMP & CAPM Prep Course - October

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    PMI Houston Members

    Our community continues to suffer great loses.
    We have canceled our North Chapter Meeting for September. Please join us in October. 
    Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this unprecedented event.
    Please monitor the website for possible future cancellations or rescheduled events as we learn the status of our venues.
    Looking to volunteer to support Harvey relief efforts? One of our favorite organizations the Houston Food bank could use your help. Check out their website to register and help.
    They could definitely use a hand. You can register for a shift and make an impact for our community.
    We look forward to seeing you in the near future at a PMI Houston event.

    PMI Houston 2018 Board of Directors – The opportunity to serve our profession.

    About 6 years ago I decided to volunteer for PMIH to give back to a profession I love. Now as your president I’m excited to announce our 2018 election results and welcome new board members.
    Each year half of PMI Houston’s Board of Director positions are up for election.
    This allows us to have half the board in their second year of service and half the board as newbies.
    We are excited to announce the following individuals who have been elected to serve beginning January 2018

    Brian Roberson

    The position of SVP Internal Operations is a 4-year commitment and is our President Elect 2020.
    Brian was elected as SVP Internal Operations 2018, and then will serve as SVP External Operations 2019 and President 2020 then Advisor to the board 2021.
    Each of these Vice President roles serves for 2 years 2018 – 2019

    Jack Wilson
    Vice President Outreach

    Jim Benvie
    Vice President Programs    

    Keith Bower 
    Vice President Professional Development

    These individuals have made a commitment to serve on our board and represent you our membership. If you have ever considered volunteering as a leader for PMI Houston now is the time to come get involved.

    • We ask individuals with the desire to run for a Board position to volunteer on the committee your interested in for 6 months. It’s a great opportunity to get to know what’s required by PMIH leaders to support the organization.
    • Individuals interested in running for SVP Internal / President must have served the organization in a VP role prior to running for office.

    Each VP has a team of volunteers and leaders who coordinate committee efforts.
    We are seeking several leaders to join teams and help guide us forward. Keep an eye out for an upcoming volunteer happy hour and recruiting event planned for October.
    Positions that will be up for election in 2018 to serve beginning Jan 2019 are

    • Vice President Membership
    • Vice President Marketing
    • Vice President Finance
    • Vice President E Business
    • SVP Internal Operations 

    Got questions about volunteering learn more at PMIHouston.org under Get Involved. Seek out board members at events and via email with your questions about serving PMI Houston.
    I have served this organization with some amazing leaders who are committed to put in the work necessary to provide our members a great chapter experience. But the future of PMI Houston is not guaranteed unless more people are willing to devote their time and knowledge to build and maintain our chapter.
    PMI Houston is 43 years old this year. We are the first PMI Chapter. Each board member proudly represents those 43 years of leaders who built and maintained this chapter for all of us who love the Project Management industry.
    Congratulations to our new board members. Thank you to our current board and volunteers who make us a great chapter.
    PMI Houston President 2017

    Meet our Leadership! – Esther Lu, VP of Membership

    Continuing with our new MiniBios series, meet the Chapter’s Vice President of Membership, Esther Lu. Learn more about Esther’s role in implementing the Chapter’s strategy, and her vision for the Project Management profession! Read the full article here.


    Sept 28-29
    Oct 24-25

    Sept 28-29

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    Details at lithespeed.com

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