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Conference dates are June 9 - 11, 2014  The full day workshop will be held on June 11 and the breakout sessions will be held on June 9 - 10.

Online registration will close June 3rd and onsite registration will open at 7:00 AM Monday June 9th at the conference.


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May 11 April 26 - June 3


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June 9 - 11


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The Program Schedule workbook contains details about the presentations that will be taking place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the conference. Each day is represented by a worksheet within the workbook.  Please feel free to review the days and filter on the tracks or speakers that you find of interest.


Troy Hazard -
 There are few situations in the business world that Troy Hazard has not experienced and survived. A serial entrepreneurial, who has founded and nurtured eleven businesses over two decades, and has consulted to countless successful companies over the last 25 years. Through his business career he has owned a diverse range of businesses including a recording studio, an advertising agency, a pizza restaurant, real estate brokerage, property development company, leading franchise-consulting business, a technology business, and recently a leading television production company. These business talents earned him international respect, so much so that he was elected by the world’s foremost business leaders for the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization. Troy’s lessons from the edge provide businesses with potent and refined tools, a collection of which you will find in his Amazon bestselling business book, ‘Future-Proofing Your Business’ – real life strategies to prepare your business for tomorrow, today! -

Kevin Cullen
, President of Leadera Consulting Group, specializes in the training and development of business leaders worldwide to continually produce breakthrough business results. With over 25 years of leadership training, his expertise has provided individuals, as well as Fortune 500 companies, with innovative business consulting, training and development programs. He has taught leaders at every level to design, deliver, and implement change initiatives that produce exceptional results.

Keynote Title:  “Breakthrough Performance:  Where the Action Is”   Why are some project managers consistently more successful than others in impacting performance?  Successful project managers understand the golden rules of performance and how to impact the actions of others.  We will inquire into and focus on the source of Breakthrough performance and the qualities a leader must have to deliver outstanding performance through others. Objectives/Focus: (a) Learn the access to obtaining extraordinary performance; (b) Become familiar with the four components of leadership.

Lee Jones, PMP, 2014 President of PMI Houston Chapter, has over thirty years of experience managing projects in software and web development, network deployment, marketing and branding campaigns, new business start-ups and staff development to meet this goal. He has served PMI-Houston in various roles since 2004, including Director of Finance for the North Venue start-up committee, Vice-President of Public Relations, Vice-President of Marketing, advisor to Professional Development and as Director of Education.

Dr. Cheryl J. (CJ) Walker Waite, PhD, PMP

Cheryle J. (CJ) Walker Waite has been a PMI member since 1991. She is currently serving as a member of the PMI Board of Directors (2013-2015) and formerly served on the PMI Board Volunteer Advisory Committee from 2009-2012, and as Chair of the Committee (2011-2012). She was previously the president of the PMI Washington, DC (WDC) Chapter (2 years) and vice president for certification and education (8 years). She also served as the first regional advocate for PMI Region Five and has been recognized multiple times by the PMI WDC Chapter for outstanding service.

Dr. Walker Waite has over 20 years of experience in the United States and internationally as an engagement/program management consultant with multi-year, multimillion-dollar global projects, including organizational change and business strategy initiatives. Her global clients include Saab, Nortel, Discovery, Bechtel, Pasteur Merieux Connaught, Astra Zeneca, USAID, ABC/Disney, MTVN, ONCOR and NJDOT.


 Workshop Information:

Kevin Cullen Rick Morris Lisa DiTullio Harold Mangum
 Katie Mehnert EPM Architects Lithspeed: Raj Indugula
and Susana Esparza
Andy Stuart and
Dr. Gary Richardson
Workshop Sessions

Kevin Cullen: Mission Control:  Impacting Performance and Productivity

One of the key roles of a project manager is to impact what the people on your team are doing – resulting in taking the exact actions that will produce what's of critical importance.  Impacting not only your performance and productivity, but also the performance of your team, can both generate unprecedented results and reduce stress, which is so often a common complaint among team members.   In this session you will be introduced to a innovative productivity principles, tools, and practices that can immediate impact your performance.


  • Learn a proven methodology for improving performance and productivity.
  • Identify specific actions that would lead to fulfillment in the areas of greatest importance to you and your organization
  • Extend leadership capabilities for executives
  • Enhance and elevate your performance and productivity
Rick Morris:
Stop Playing Games: A Project Manager’s Guide to Successfully Navigating Organizational Politics

Based on Rick’s new book “Stop Playing Games” (RMC Project Management, 2010) Rick identifies and discusses the day to day world of a Project Manager. Project Managers have the unique ability to find shortcuts or workarounds in dealing with projects, sponsors, and stakeholders. This seminar will bring to life true issues and fixes to help Project Managers avoid the games we are forced to play. Through sharing years of experience, Rick will show you how to get stronger, more process oriented, and more respect for the work you do. Rick will offer real world advice to help you gain proper techniques that you can immediately use to impact your projects, learn how to influence without authority, stop end rounding projects and get back to the basics that will help create a Project Manager that will do the right things the right way.

  • The State of our Profession (Project Management)
    • The Halo Effect
    • Not Everyone Can be a PM
  • Finding Value in Project Management
    • Why is it difficult to articulate value?
    • The issue with project selection
  • Budget, Business Value and Capacity, Oh My!
  • And more….
Project Management knowledge discipline

Level of Knowledge:

Lisa DiTullio: Project Team Dynamics: Enhancing Performance, Improving Results


No project can succeed without a project team. More likely than not, your project will also require a number of participants from different areas within your organization. It’s also highly likely you will need to involve parties from external agencies, whether they are consultants or vendors. And in today’s environment, you are not guaranteed to get everyone you need, forcing you to make the most out of your team when doing more with less. Regardless of whom and how many you have on your team, you cannot succeed in meeting deliverables and deadlines unless you act as a high-functioning team. This highly interactive workshop focuses on simple techniques to enhance team behavior and group dynamics. Attendees will leave armed with easy-to-adopt practices to enhance team members’ awareness and accountability - resulting in improved decisions, efficiency, and business results.


  • Understand the value of teamwork and the link to business outcomes
  • Recognize how the “right” set of behaviors can support productive teamwork
  • Appreciate how simple investments in team dynamics, particularly for virtual teams, hold big returns
  • Identify cultural attributes in the business environment and understand how those attributes contribute to, or conflict with, team performance
  • Learn how to diagnose common team ailments and introduce easy methods to improve team interaction and reduce conflict among team members

Harold Mangum: The Benefits of a Trained Memory in Project Management for 2014

In a project oriented world filled with challenges of information overload, inventory shortages and scheduling conflicts a paradigm for improved memory creation thru recall ability is paramount. Improved project management is the primary benefit of this instructional session by learning to create new memory skill sets. It’s a workshop that provides impact in any project anagement climate. Active learning of memory skills is proving to be the root to the driven efficiencies thru mental acuity. Not only are learning curves reduced by personal memory improvement but newfound time intervals are providing increased time for critical thinking and reasoning processes  throughout the project.


  • Establishing Memory Improvement Skills – Mnemonic generational exercises
  • Mental File Folder Creation & Activation  F-P-G System
  • File Applications – Abstract Rules-Name Retention
  • Industry uses and personal improvement techniques – Memory Protocols

Level of Knowledge:

Katie Mehnert: Implementing Sustainable Change

Did you know that 90% of change initiatives fail – either outright, or they are abandoned due to failing to meet targets?

This number is not improving – despite effective project management and sophisticated systems and processes. Why? Because people stop change from happening! Whether you’re a budding project manager or seasoned program manager, change is an everyday feature of any successful organization. Change begins and ends with people. By improving your capability in implementing change, you’ll improve the probability of your project’s success. Effective change skills reduce the timescale and improve the certainty of achieving desired benefits, increasing both people performance and the return on investment for your project.

Come to this interactive workshop where you will gain skills to understand what change leadership is, your approach towards change, helping others prepare and manage change, and practical tools and techniques to help you drive a winning outcome for your organization.

Tony Zink, EPM Architects:

Half-day AM workshop: Microsoft Project Foundations
Learn techniques for effectively building a dynamic Microsoft Project schedule that can be used to forecast timelines, work hours, and costs throughout the life of a project... especially when things do not run according to the original plan. Foundational concepts and basic schedule building blocks will be covered, as well as tips and traps that any professional project scheduler should understand. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop with a recent version of Microsoft Project installed; otherwise they may watch and take notes as the presenter demonstrates the techniques covered in this session.

Half-day PM workshop: Microsoft Project Advanced Scheduling Techniques
Learn techniques for effectively tracking activity progress in a Microsoft Project schedule and forecasting updated timelines, work hours, and costs throughout the life of a project... especially when things do not run according to the original plan. Three techniques for tracking task progress will be covered, as well as advanced techniques for manipulating the Microsoft Project interface to facilitate task progress tracking. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop with a recent version of Microsoft Project installed; otherwise they may watch and take notes as the presenter demonstrates the techniques covered in this session.

Raj Indugula and Susana Esparza, Lithespeed: The Art of writing Agile Requirements

Workshop Overview:
Join us for a 1-day User Story writing workshop where you will learn the fundamental principles involved in adopting a lightweight and disciplined approach to requirements gathering in a dynamically changing environment.

We’ll provide you with an easy to understand model of Agile requirements, starting with a vision and progressing all the way down to user stories, acceptance criteria, and testable examples that provide the information teams need.

 This workshop will cover:

  • Modeling users & customers through roles and personas

  • Elaborating from product vision to features and stories

  • Effective collaborative story writing techniques and maturing the requirements pipeline

  • Acceptance criteria ad testable examples that validate the “doneness” of stories

Through group simulation, you will practice writing user stories for a sample project using established best practices. The workshop is facilitated by seasoned Agile practitioners and you'll hear stories from the trenches, the “gotchas”, and come away prepared to apply these practices on your projects, today!

Andy Stuart, HP
Half Day AM Workshop: Building more Effective Relationships Using DISC

How effective are your relationships with people at work and outside of work?  Do you encounter people of different styles and wish you could be more effective?

Each of us has our own unique style that influences how we act, and respond, to others in our daily interactions.  Often time we find ourselves working with others who exhibit different styles, and it creates a challenge or a conflict in our interactions.  Perhaps a manager has a direct, assertive style that puts you on your heels, or a team member appears to be skeptical or challenging to your ideas.

If you would like to improve your working relationships, then this workshop will be an excellent opportunity to identify your own style and learn more effective skills to interact and work with others of the same or different styles.

In this highly interactive session, participants will walk through the framework of the DiSC model and learn about their own DiSC style.  They will discover the similarities and differences among other styles, and develop skills that can be used to overcome the obstacles they face when working with others.

The DiSC model is a quadrant behavior model that is used to evaluate individual priorities, motivators, stressors and the way people react with other styles in the model.  The model consists of four primary styles:

  • D – Dominance, people with this style tend to be direct, results oriented, firm,
    strong-willed, and forceful

  • i – Influence, people with this style tend to be outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic,
    high-spirited, and lively

  • S – Steadiness, people with this style tend to be even-tempered, accommodating,
    patient, humble and tactful

  • C – Conscientious, people with this style tend to be analytical, reserved, precise,
    private, and systematic

Participants will each receive their own, individualized profile which will help identify the behaviors that help you and those that may inhibit you from forming effective relationships.  Once you have a good understanding of the DiSC methodology you can start identifying the primary styles of people around you and then modify your behaviors with each style to ensure a better working relationship. 

Dr. Gary Richardson, University of Houston
Half Day PM Workshop: Techniques in Managing a Project Using MS Project

Audience background: This session will assume essentially no background in MS Project. It should be considered more of a project management technique presentation than an advanced view of MSP keystrokes.

Approximately 80% of the software project management market is served by MS Project, yet the usage of this tool is often improper or incomplete. The role of this workshop is to explore this tool usage and highlight some of the lesser used aspects that add value to the management process. A short introduction to MS Project mechanics will be offered sufficient to allow all to follow the areas discussed. The scope of this session will NOT include the enterprise edition, SharePoint, or portfolio aspects of the tool, but will focus on selected management techniques often missing from the internal project management process.

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