A Christmas Message from PMI Houston's Director of Communications

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Christmas Message

Thomas Goebel, PMI Houston Director Of Communications

Well, gone are the old end-of-year, “that’s a wrap”-type messages! The year we’ve just experienced is unlike any experienced by anyone living. Not just in Texas. Not just in the United States. But in the world.

How does one write about 2020? This was a year of social unrest. It was a year that saw many people lose their livelihoods. It was a year in which every single human being has worn a mask in public at some point, something that most people scoffed at just one year ago! 

A week-and-a-half ago, we gathered – often in smaller groups than usual – to give thanks for what we have been given. I imagine many people wondered if they were just going through so many emotions. After all, has anything really happened this year that we can be thankful for?

Actually, yes.

We have each been offered a chance to accelerate our path to wisdom. True, some won’t avail themselves of the opportunity. But imagine that once every century a year comes along where so many challenges occur that we can’t help but grow in understanding and insight, providing we just leave ourselves open to it. 1776. 1861. 1929. 1941. Each of these years offered a portal to hyper-understanding. Each of these gave us the gift of enlightenment that we can use in all aspects of our lives. 

Now that’s something that we can carry through the holiday season and beyond.

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