What Are You Waiting For? Opportunity Awaits!

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What Are You Waiting For? Opportunity Awaits!

Paula Arthur, PMI Contributor

Around the world, many people continue to live with uncertainty and recent effects of the economy and our healthcare system right now. Even with these tough challenges, this moment may be a great opportunity to start up something new. All professionals in any industry can stand to re-evaluate themselves and tweak their skills or just become better at what they do. In the Project Management industry, strategies, projects and resources are constantly evolving and maybe even more so now. There is an increased demand while many of us are working virtually and unable to collaborate face-to-face. However, does this change expectations in how we deliver services, meet schedules and manage projects? No, absolutely not. We still have deadlines, have new capabilities online and must find solutions for our clients.

The new way of doing business simply means there are more opportunities. We can learn, motivate and grow in our careers. Perhaps there are subjects or things you always wanted to learn, maybe a group you wished to join and have not done so yet. Now is the time! What are you doing to get better, stay informed and sharpen your toolbox during these unconventional times? In order to remain competitive, every project manager should want to become better. We should consider virtual training, new tools and resources to propel us into having a more sustainable future. After this season, what will you come out with-a new skill or experience? In order to become more marketable, focus on stepping outside your comfort zone, setting new goals, becoming more digital and networking.

Whether you are new or experienced in the PM field, there are plenty of opportunities to engage and develop new skills. This sometimes means starting fresh, by learning from others or branching out to other areas within your current role. A few ways to develop new skills. The following are a few to consider: 1) Read and Discover. Invest in yourself and purchase books to study or new software. Remember practice makes perfect, and don’t forget to apply your new knowledge on the job. 2) Continued Education. A variety of qualified project management courses are available online and from reputable organizations that can improve your skills. The Project Management Institute and other professional organizations offer several different types of certifications to help you develop your skills. 3) Join professional groups. Organizations like PMI, the International Project Management Association (IPMA), and the Association for Project Managers can provide a wide array of tools, resources, and a network of like-minded professionals. If you are currently unemployed, these strategies will open doors, increase your value and may help you find a new career at the same time. Most employers want to hire talented professionals who are keeping up with new tools, technologies and have a continued desire to learn.

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