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December 2019: Toastmasters Tips & Discussions

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Project Management Toastmasters Clubs

Tips and Discussions


"Those who tell the stories rule the world” – Native American Proverb

-  Toastmaster International's "90 Tips From 90 Years"

46. Learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to appreciate the lesson you learned, and keep moving forward.



3 Steps to Crafting Clear, Concise Documents

  1. Write a draft version
  • Identify the purpose of your document, then write with the purpose in mind
  • Outline first to develop a structure
    • Opening -Write the opening last
    • Body (with 3 to 5 main points) - Write the body first
    • Conclusion -Write the Conclusion second

  1. Revise
  • Edit in spaced sessions; Reflection provides the mental distance for improvement
  • Strive to Eliminate wordiness; Use clear and concise words, Use active rather than passive sentence structure, Fulfill the document’s purpose
  • Reduce Text; Use lists, tables, bullets for visual impact. Put detail in appendices.

  1. Polish
  • Record & Listen to yourself reading the document.
  • Polish more if it doesn’t flow.


Want to be More Likable?

Likability goes a long way toward getting elected, hired, promoted, motivating people or closing deals.

  • Likability has four elements (1-Being interesting, 2-Being transparent, 3-Being generous, 4-Finding similarities)
  • Learn to be Likable (1-Ask questions, 2-Be vulnerable, 3-Be present, 4-Use people’s names, 5-Smile and be friendly
  • Habits that make people unlikable (1-Talking about themselves too much, 2-Competing in conversations, 3-Name-dropping, 4-Gossiping or sharing confidences
  • If you want to be liked, simply like others for who they are.



“3 Steps to Crafting Clear, Concise Documents” Excerpted from November 2019 Toastmasters Magazine article by Barbara Bashein
“Want to Be More Likable ” Excerpted from November 2019 Toastmasters Magazine article by Karen Friedman
You can learn more about telling your stories at a Project Management Toastmasters Club! 
Project Management Toastmasters clubs are open to all, but members are predominately professional project managers. Houston Area Project Management Toastmasters Clubs are sponsored by PMI Houston and aligned with the goals of PMI International.   Certified PMPs receive Professional Development Units (PDUs) for participation.   

December 2019: Letter from the President

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As we come to a close on 2019, we have a big welcome and a small farewell.


First, A Big Welcome to your 2020 Board of Directors


Thanks to all the members who cast a vote in the election and welcome to the 2020 board.

President – LaToshia Norwood, PMP

Past President – Bob Frasier

VP Finance – Angela Doray, PMP

VP Marketing – Mame Leslie, PMP

VP Membership – Stephanie Mensah, PMP

VP Outreach – Carla Callum, PMP

VP Professional Development – Lauren Machol, PMP

VP Programs – Art Casasa, PMP, PgMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, PfMP

VP Technology – Carmen Saucedo, PMP

VP Volunteers – Stephanie Dixon


We also received many write-in candidates for both the President-Elect and VP Communications positions which the election committee will review.


Secondly, the smaller farewell.


You’ll notice I’m still past president in 2020 so I can’t gallop into the sunset quite yet, but my horse begins a slow trot.


The past president role is largely a consultative role to the 2020 board. Fortunately, we’ve got some really great folks that have taken the step as board members this year and others with continued interest. This bodes well for the chapter, and my horse…


It’s been my pleasure serving you and happy to connect on any piece of the PM profession.


Bob Frasier

PMI Houston President 2019