PM Toastmasters Club - Tips and Discussions - August 2017

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Quote:"Those who tell the stories rule the world” – Native American Proverb

-  Toastmaster International's "90 Tips From 90 Years"

17. Enter contests. Entering contests is a challenging and fun way to improve your skills. Toastmasters offers various speech contests throughout the year.

Preparing a Presentation? Think Different. Think Antimetabole (AN-ti-muh-TAB-uh-lee)+ Contrast

  •         First—an example of Antimetabole: Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.
  •         Next—an example of Contrast: That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.
  •         There is precision, power, and poetry in these examples. Yet they are merely rhetorical devices. Every leader and presenter can harness the power of these rhetorical tools.

Whether you are a presenter or a team leader, clear communication is expected from you. Clear communication is effective and appreciated. It is 100% your obligation and opportunity to be an effective communicator.

  •         Clear communication follows clear thinking. I’m surprised how few people recognize this simple fact. Without clear thinking, there can be no clear communication.
  •         After, and only after there is thought clarity, comes the task of delivering the message as effectively as possible. Clarity and brevity are cornerstones of effective communication.
  •         In order to get to clarity and brevity, Antimetabole and Contrast are super-effective rhetorical devices.
  •         Antimetabole. A word derived from Greek. The repetition of words in transposed order. Antimetabole can be used to rhetorically express irony, complexity, and make a 2-sided argument concisely, with precision and a poetic type of beauty. (pronunciation)
  •         Contrast. An effective technique. Well known to classical writers on rhetoric. Also referred to as antithesis, enantiosis and antitheton.

 -Excerpted from Rashid Kapadia’s blog (

You can learn more about telling your stories at a Project Management Toastmasters Club! Project Management Toastmasters clubs are open to all, but members are predominately professional project managers. Houston Area Project Management Toastmasters Clubs are sponsored by PMI® Houston and aligned with the goals of PMI® International.   Certified PMPs receive Professional Development Units (PDUs) for participation.  

Visit a meeting to discover the benefits of membership! 

MiniBio - VP Professional Development

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How long have you been working in Project Management and what's your current professional position? 

I’m a Senior Project Management Consultant for Advanced Project Solution (APS) where I’m able to travel the world, working with several of the world’s largest major capital projects.  While I specialize in Risk Management in the Energy industry, I have worked with many different industries, including Information Technology, Government and Infrastructure, Logistics, and Commercial Construction.   

Additionally, I served for 8 years as Director of Operations for a communication company and grew the company by >500% during my tenure.   For the 20 years prior to that, I worked as a Project Manager for several Fortune 500 companies including Dell Computer, Target Corporation, and Waste Management.

How long have you been involved with the Houston PMI® Chapter and in what capacities?

I have been involved with PMI® Houston for the last 6 years as a member and moved into the VP Professional Development Leadership role in January of 2017.

Describe the most interesting/challenging/exciting project you've ever been involved with.

I have been in some sort of PM role for the last 20 years.  I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the largest projects in the world, and they are all exciting in some sort of way.  I continue to learn from everyone; however, my most exciting project work has been more specifically with people and people reorganization.  One of my favorites was when I did a large internal corporate re-org for Dell Computer.  I truly enjoy trying to determine and utilize people’s strengths and weakness.  There is nothing more rewarding than finding the right profession match for an individual, and then seeing that person grow and succeed.

Which part(s) of the Chapter’s Strategic Plan really resonate with you and why?

I am most drawn to the PMI® Houston Strategy of providing value to the stakeholders.  I think this is the backbone to the success of the Chapter as we move forward.  The members are our greatest asset.  If we continue to add value for our members, they will continue to grow both personally and professionally, and in the end PMI® Houston gains. 

If you could change something about the Project Management field, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing about the Project Management field, it would be to change the way PMs communicate and share information with each other.  PMs are generally overwhelmed with work and simply unable to take the time to discuss and share experiences with other PMs on other projects/companies.   It would be my goal to see a forum for this type of communication to take place.  I think PMI® could be that, but it would take a challenge.  There is so much that we can learn from each other, but we are usually too busy to do it.   

Executive Breakfast

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By Jim Benvie, PMI® Houston Chapter VP of Programs

Our Platinum sponsor LitheSpeedwill be sponsoring an Executive Breakfast with PMI® Houston in the fall. (The provisional date is October 26th).

If you are a Program Manager, PMO Manager, or executive who would like to understand how Agile and Lean methods could benefit your company, you should plan to attend. 

Alternatively, if you feel your manager would benefit from attending please recommend this event to him or her. This event is in line with LitheSpeed’s mission to make people’s work more productive,valued, and fulfilling.

The Key Takeaway: Some people think Agile and Lean methods are fads.  LitheSpeedbelieves they’re the key to a cultural shift and a transformative way of getting things done.

For more information on LitheSpeed, please visit For more information regarding the event, please contact Jim Benvie at [email protected].