MiniBio - VP of Membership

Posted by amc on 10/03/2017 11:27 am  /   Spotlights


Jim Benvie answers our questions:

How long have you been working in Project Management and what's your current professional position?

I have been a full-time project manager for around 20 years, but did part time project management for 10 years before that. I retired last year from NOV and have started my own consulting company, “TyauvinOn Solutions”.

How long have you been involved with the Houston PMI® Chapter and in what capacities?

I first volunteered at the North venue, as what we now call an ambassador, in 2005. I then became the North Venue Director, for 4 years before being elected to the board, as VP Programs in 2016.

Describe the most interesting/challenging/exciting project you've ever been involved with.

This is a difficult question for any project manager, and I cannot think of one that clearly stands out from the rest, during my professional career.

However, before I moved to the US, I was a volunteer with the Scouts, and designed a weekend long training exercise, based in a fantasy universe. The scouts had to use all their learned skills, and logic, to navigate a fictional world and prevent an alien invasion. This took many weeks to design, coordinate, and implement. It was both interesting and challenging, and it was wonderful to see the excitement and commitment of the scouts.

Which part(s) of the Chapter’s Strategic Plan really resonate with you and why?

Working on the development of the Service Catalogue.

I enjoy meeting the members directly and working with the programs team to provide and, refine the range of programs we deliver. 

If you could change something about the Project Management field, what would it be and why?

I am interested in introducing gamification into the training of project managers.

Project managers do a lot of academic training, but often the first time they deal with a problem is when they do it for real. The use of simulations, or games, has been proven to improve real world performance of pilots and military personnel, and I believe the method should be used for project managers.