PMI Houston Strategic Plan

Posted by amc on 01/30/2017 11:50 am  /   Presidents Letter

PMI Houston Strategic Plan

By PMI Houston Chapter President, Amy Stonesifer 

We are entering our 43rd year of serving the Houston area Project Management profession! If you’re not familiar with our history, it’s important to know that in July 1974, PMI Houston became the FIRST PMI chapter ever founded.  Today there are 280 chapters internationally. Those who founded this chapter are among some of the founders of PMI. What an amazing history for a Board of Directors to carry forward!

PMI Houston Strategic Plan

The PMI Houston Board of Directors has been entrusted to continue to move this organization forward and has worked to establish a plan for the next 5 years. Looking at where our chapter is today and utilizing feedback from our membership we have defined specific goals and initiatives. These will drive our direction for the organization ensuring we provide value to our membership and are Houston’s resource for project management in the years to come. 

Goals (3 to 5 years)

  •         Grow the Chapter to > 5,000 members
  •         Provide value to our stakeholders
  •         Be the trusted advisor
  •         Operational excellence
  •         Fiduciary / Board responsibility


Initiatives (1 – 3 years)

  •         Establish stakeholder plan
  •         Establish service catalogs for our stakeholders
  •         Establish engagement program
  •         Become a leader in PMI community
  •         Enhance people, process, and technology
  •         Board of Directors compliance
  •         2017 PMIH Conference


These initiatives are further defined into specific annual targets for each committee to achieve in 2017. Each Vice President has worked to define targets to support the initiatives of the chapter.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. As I look at the overall initiatives and talk with members about them, I see this as a period of defining our chapter.

  •         Does what we offer our members support their needs?
  •         Are we doing the best we can with the money we spend?
  •         Are we constantly reinventing the wheel OR do we have defined processes?

I personally feel it’s important we honor our founders by being a leader among leaders, and that we work to be a great chapter and share our knowledge with chapters across the world to grow and support the Project Management profession.

You have opportunities to provide feedback. The Goals and Initiatives we have defined are based on your feedback. We are only as good as the feedback we receive from you. Please take opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas.

  •         PMI Global Survey - Every year PMI Global sends out a Member survey. Please watch for the PMI Global survey email due out late January, early February.
  •         Chapter Survey - Last year we sent out a survey to gain more information from our membership on what you want to see from your chapter. Watch for us to repeat this later this year.
  •         Conference Survey – Every June we host our annual conference. We ask attendees to provide us feedback which we utilize to craft a better conference.
  •         Board Members – When you see us out and about at PMI events, share your thoughts and ideas with us. You can also find all our emails on our website under the About Us tab

We are a Volunteer organization.Being volunteers may limit how much we can accomplish. Defining a direction provides us focus I believe will allow us to work smarter. If you ever considered being a volunteer leader watch our website for opportunities. Our Directors, Volunteers, and Board members enable us to provide services to our membership. You can share your current skills and learn new skills as a volunteer.

Each Board member is working to ensure PMI Houston supports the Project Management community. Come join us at a PMI Houston event!

See you around Houston