President's Letter: Snow-pocalypse and the Resilience of Houston

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Snow-pocalypse and the Resilience of Houston

Ed Garcia, PMI Houston President

Greetings PMI Houston, 

As I mentioned last month, one of our core leadership values centers around resilience. Our Houston area has certainly been tested once again with a reminder of how nature can impact our infrastructure and daily resources we sometimes take for granted. We went through another significant event in February, and we hope you and your family are doing well following the natural disaster. I have even heard some refer to it as our Houston snow-pocalypse. As we know how project management fundamentals and balancing risk can drive decisions, efforts to mitigate public safety tragedies is crucial for planning from our public officials.  In our current pandemic state, we are all hopeful that our public representatives will make the right strategy choices for the health and well-being of our communities. Looking back at our experience and learnings from the snow-pocalypse, the resiliency of our members, volunteers, and community has once again risen to the challenge.

As our own PMI Houston strategy planning progresses while keeping our current pandemic state and the well-being of our chapter members in the forefront, our board members are designing this year’s conference to provide you the best experience for your professional development and networking reach. We are taking your input from last years virtual event into consideration so that we continue to provide you with the choices and opportunities you need for your career goals.

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Stay safe,
Ed Garcia
President, PMI Houston