"Helping Military Members Transition into Civilian Life as Project Managers: A Call to Serve"

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Helping Military Members Transition into Civilian Life as Project Managers: A Call to Serve

PMI Houston Military Outreach Team



The men and women of the Armed Forces have served our country well. Over the past decades, these men and women have demonstrated selfless service and faced a multitude of challenges during their personal transitions. Today, there is a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the service members and veterans of our country. The Project Management Institute (PMI) believes that service members and veterans have already performed project and program management, just utilizing military methods and terminology. Through PMI Global’s “Program for Preparing U.S. Military for Project Management Careers,” local chapters are able to use their resources to assist military personnel and veterans to get certified and obtain rewarding civilian jobs while enabling the civilian workforce with highly qualified PM professionals.

The project management profession is an ideal career for the military population transitioning into the civilian workforce. Overall, military service members and veterans have the personal and performance competencies to succeed in the project management profession, and PMI has an opportunity to help the military population see the value of their journey into the profession.

Currently, there are 24 million U.S. veterans. Approximately 8.5 million of these veterans are employable. Additionally, almost 350,000 personnel transition from active military service to veteran status each year. Texas is currently second behind California with the number of veterans living in the state, but that is expected to change. The Census Bureau estimates the United States’ veteran population will peak in 2020. They predict, from that point on, Texas will lead the country with the largest number of veterans furthermore, 282,511 of them call Houston home. The Houston metropolitan area houses nearly one-fifth of Texas veterans.

Throughout the country, many PMI chapters have implemented a successful Military Outreach Program. The recent creation of the Houston Chapter Military Outreach Program would like to follow these programs in helping our Military Members. To understand who we have in our ranks, and understand our veteran’s needs, we need to hear from you. If you are interested, we are looking to tap into our members who are veterans and their unique attributes, extensive experience and network, so we can expand rapidly and help those who are already members in the chapter and those currently transitioning into civilian life. We have a mission but in order to be able to execute we need to know who YOU are! We have a team of highly trained mentors who are ready and willing to assist our veterans and their families in using their skills and experience into a PM profession.

Thus, we wish to reach out to our current Houston chapter members who are veterans, spouses, dependents and yes even patriots who want to give back to those who have served. To find out who is within our mists. If you are a veteran, we would also like to hear from you and understand what you would like to see from us.

If it is your desire to also use your experience to mentor, we implore you to reach out and enquire how you can become a  Military Outreach Mentor and give back to those who have a need in this industry.

Drop us a line with your details using the below link or identify yourself at check in at your next visit to a chapter meeting or virtual meeting. PMI Houston Chapter stands ready to assist you. Please send us your details here.