June 2020: Letter from Our President

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Letter From The President

LaToshia Norwood, PMI Houston President


It is impossible to ignore the unrest that exists locally, nationally, and internationally -- nor should we. Quite honestly, whether or not you agree does not matter. It's how you respond that matters most. 

Let's face it, as project managers "leaders" we do more than manage projects and processes. We manage PEOPLE. People who are juggling a great deal. People who are fighting off a global pandemic. People who are trying to survive furloughs and unemployment. People who are trying to adjust to the new normal and harsh reality. People who are advocating and protesting for social justice. People who may not share their struggles. People who likely need to hear a kind word. 

At the core of our studies to become a Project Management Professional (PMP) we studied behavioral theories like Maslow's Hierchacy of Needs, Theory X and Y, as well as strategies to manage conflict and risks. So guess what, as much as we'd like to wave a magic wand and go back to "business as usual" that's just not realistic. These external issues and more will likely have an impact in the workplace, and ignoring it will not solve the problem. We all agree that people are our most valued resource, right? Our team looks to us for leadership and guidance. Considering these facts, it is our responsibility as project managers "leaders" to be proactive and prepared if and/or when that time comes to address these challenges.

I've included a shortlist of TedTalks for creating a happy and healthy workplace, coping with grief, conflict, and race relations, and it is my sincere hope that you find them helpful and insightful.


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