Minutes with Marisela: Obsolete Change Management Models

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Minutes With Marisela


Dr. Marisela Jiménez

When was the last time you took the time to review your organization’s systems? No, I’m not referring to technology systems but human capital systems.  I’m talking about people in your organization and their thinking systems that influence the organization’s overall performance.  In a recent review of consulting companies, I discovered that many consultants are still using outdated change management models with their clients.  Why are outdated change management models still used by many consulting companies?  Every industry is changing, and the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and global competition are defying the most robust companies.  Many leaders in most organizations seem unable to create and execute visionary and sustainable business strategies, and as a result, the organization’s economic value and human capital talent capabilities dimish.

To help leaders proactively engender their organization, the following  21st Century Organizational Change Model is recommended:

ABC Change Management Model

  1. Leaders must review their Thinking Systems that derail organizational capabilities and be savvy in leveraging empirical solutions comprised of Human Capital with technical and soft skills aligned with the business's future needs.

  2. Leaders must fully know the organization’s future business needs and evaluate current systems to strategically align emerging market demands.

  3. Leaders must consider demographics of the emerging workforce, review organizational benchmarks, and establish relevant learning systems aligned with present and future organizational strategic goals.