Conference Break-Out Sessions

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Monday, June 6

  Agile General PM Change Management Case Studies Personal Development Leadership & Performance PMO
Session 1
10:00 AM
Jason Hall:
From Project Manager to Scrum Master - What do I do now?
Mark White:
Project Cost Controls
Cecilia Rose:
Emotional Intelligence
Ian Koenig:
Improving infrastructure projects
Juanita Hines:
Brand YOU
Margaret Johnson:
Managing Up:(Bossing the Boss!)
Kane Wai:
NextGen PMO
Session 2
12:45 PM
Ron Whitebread:
Everyday (uses for) Kanban
John Owen:
Modelling uncertainty to improve cost and time forecasts
Daniel Darby:
Leading the People Side of Technology Change
Mame Leslie:
Asking the Right Questions
Ernie Perez:
Keeping Your Networks Warm After Landing
Alana M. Hill:
You're Not Their Parent Even if They're Behaving Like Children
Wendy Valot:
Optimizing Teams within a Project Management Program
Session 3
02:15 PM
Don McGreal:
Games for Doing
George T. McLaughlin:
Managing Labor Productivity in Projects
Catherine Pye: Change Management  TaJuana Antwine:
Lessons from Oil & Gas
Richard Owen:
Branding...? What if I Prefer Generic?
Kim Sawyer: The Delegation Dilemma Beth Wong: 
Facilitation for the Facilitator - tequniques and exercises for specific goals or outcomes
Session 4
03:45 PM
Anjuan Simmons:
Tailoring Agile Practices
Andrew Lavinsky:
Achieving Strategic Success with the Micrsoft PPM Platform
Nooshin Yazhari:
Integrated Project and Change Management
Daren Fontenot: The Truth About Schedule Quality Sharmeen Akbani Gangat:
How to Answer the Dreaded "What Do You Do? Question
LaToshia Norwood:
The Project Manager's ToolboxTM
Pete Luan:
Tough Love, Making Sure Team Delivers


Tuesday, June 7

  Agile General PM Change Management Case Studies Personal Development Leadership & Performance PMO
Session 1
08:30 AM
Dennis Baldwin:
Transforming to DevOps - Are You Ready for It and Why You Should Be
Eddie Merla:
A Project is a Series of Critical Presentations
Madeline York:
The Change Management Process (Leading Change)
Cindy Rae Fancher:
Strong Project Charters
Matt Morey:
Parachute Project Management
Shelia Darby:
Improving Team Delegation and Collaboration – A Practical Framework
Andrew Lavinsky:
Accellerating the ROI on your PPM Maturity Investment
Session 2
10:00 AM
Dr. Belinda Amaya: 
Taking a Team from PM to PMP in 120 Days
Jason Hall:
They’re ALL number ONE! Tips and tricks for facilitating prioritization
Wendy Valot:
Setting Strategy with Change Management in Mind
Dr. Jamison V. Kovach:
Lean Six Sigma
James Del Monte:
Interview Tips and Techniques That Produce Offers
Janeice Weinand:
4 Minutes to Buy In
Kate Read:
Transforming Your PMO from the Walking Dead
Session 3
12:45 PM
Beth Wong:
Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast - Dealing with Cultural Differences in Kanban
Paul Pettit:
Capital Project Governance
Fabrice Bouchereau:
A Culture of Innovation
Teresa Jurgens-Kowal:
Using Open Innovation to Gather Project Requirements
R.W. (Bill) Sullivan:
Project Team Communication is most of a PM's time.
Kevin Cullen:
Being Unstoppable
Roy Robinson:
Optimizing the Gate Process to Maximize Portfolio Performance
Session 4
02:15 PM
Ken Howard:
The Future of Agile
Bruce Garrett:
A Theme Park Project - Your Risk Plan for Jurassic World
Alida Zweidler McKay and Michelle Lynskey:
Communicating Change Management
Samved Bhatnagar:
Innovative Technical Program Management in a time of Oil Price Volatility
Larry Hawkins II:
Realizing Career Success through Self-Branding
David Barrett:
The Secrets to Our Success
NK Shrivastava:
All About User Stories