Project YOU:  Managing Your Career as a Project Professional


    David Barrett
    Professional Speaker, Regular Blogger, Podcast Host, Education Advisor and Author of 5 Books, including 7 Elements of Strategy Execution: Creating a Culture that Will Ensure Strategy Success, The Keys to Our Success: Lessons Learned from 25 of Our Best Project Managers, and the Power of the Plan: 10 Steps to Managing Everyday Projects

    Presentation: "Taking Our Project Management Careers to the Next Level"
    Triangle: Strategy

    The project management field out there is pretty crowded. It's no longer enough to be just really good at what you do, and it’s no longer dependent on just controlling time, scope, and budget.  You have to be the best and to add value over and above the normal requirements of project managers. How do we add value? How do we stand out in the crowd?  How do we get recognized in this very crowded field? Find out as David discusses tools for navigating the new Project Management landscape, and check out the two workshops he’ll be offering during the conference. For more information about his keynote presentation, check out his video made for PMI Houston!

    Bio: David Barrett is a professional speaker, regular blogger, podcast host, author of 5 books and education advisor. 

    He specializes in helping people and organizations Manage the Uncertainty by creating healthy projects and strategies.

    David’s career includes the creation and directing of conference business, training company, software development firm, speaker bureau, and most recently a TED-style event series for project professionals across North America.

    And most importantly for all of us, he is one of us. He has been a member of the PMI since 1995.

    LuAnn Piccard, PMP
    PMI Board of Directors, 2019 - 2021

    Presentation: "The Value of Project Management" - PMI's 2019 Pulse of the Profession®
    Triangle: Strategy

    All strategic change is made possible through projects - and project managers help turn ideas into reality for organizations around the world. Thanks to the knowledge and skills of project professionals, more organizations can achieve their strategic goals – within budget. In this presentation, you will gain insights from PMI’s latest research on how champion organizations effectively implement their visions in a world increasingly disrupted by emerging technology - and how you can better help your organization to succeed.

    Bio: LuAnn Piccard, PMP, associate professor and chair, Master of Science Project Management Department at the University of Alaska Anchorage, is passionate about developing next-generation project management leaders and professionals seeking to enhance and expand career opportunities through professional development and higher education. Students and graduates appreciate and benefit from the depth, relevance, and breadth of Ms. Piccard’s seasoned executive experience, transforming the learning environment into a rigorous, positive, collaborative and applied experience.

    In addition to academia, Ms. Piccard has over 20 years in technology-sector project and portfolio management, including 10 years as a senior executive for Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies and Advanced Energy Industries leading complex, profitable, cross-functional businesses serving customers worldwide, traveling extensively and living internationally. Ms. Piccard credits professional success to collaboration with diverse, engaged, customer-centric program and project leaders globally.

    Ms. Piccard, proud PMI and PMI Alaska Chapter member, volunteer, and PMP since 2007, served as director and chair for the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs, responsible for project management academic program accreditation and quality assurance worldwide.

    Inspired by community engagement, Ms. Piccard is well-versed in the balanced strategic and fiduciary responsibilities of board governance partnered with executive and operational leadership, and she has served as volunteer director for 11 different nonprofit boards including 10 years as an officer and director for Habitat for Humanity of Anchorage.

    Ms. Piccard is distinguished by an ability to articulate an envisioned future, identify stakeholder-centric opportunities made real by engaging and collaborating with people, fostering a bias to action, and crafting foundational, adaptable management processes. Ms. Piccard strives to create a culture of continuous learning that emphasizes agility, innovation, and accountability, marked by contagious enthusiasm, passionate belief in people and possibilities, inspiring new ways of thinking, with the courage to embrace challenges.

    Ms. Piccard holds BS and MS in Engineering/Product Design from Stanford University and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

     Lee Rubin
    Professional Speaker, Team Player, Human Resources Professional

    Presentation: "5 Components of Extraordinary Teams"
    Triangle: Strategy

    Machines are evaluated based on the output of the entire unit, not the impressiveness of their individual parts. Extraordinary teams, like great machines, require certain components that hold their pieces together. While most organizations focus exclusively on building the skills of their individual members, elite organizations invest in the “stuff” that transforms a collection of talented individuals into extraordinary, machine-like teams. This keynote is packed with insights, humor, and tools to help attendees take their respective teams to a higher level. 

    BioLee Rubin is an emerging voice. His unique ability to understand and articulate winning principles with tremendous clarity and practical application makes him a highly sought after speaker and teacher. Lee is a frequent speaker and panelist at corporations and professional association conferences throughout the country.

    Professionally, Lee has been a Human Resources professional with Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries for nearly 15 years.

    He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications, with a minor in Business from Penn State University. Rubin received a full athletic scholarship to play football for the Nittany Lions under the leadership of legendary coach, Joe Paterno.

    Lee not only emerged as a three-year starting free safety, but he also became a captain of the team. His academic and athletic success has provided a tremendous opportunity to understand and communicate winning strategies and principles.

    Lee was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and raised in Central New Jersey. Lee and his lovely wife, Carmen, have been blessed with two beautiful daughters.