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    • Proven success tool for high-stakes missions that allow for zero failure
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    • Flawless Execution™ is utilized by elite military teams around the world
    • The team offers a powerful mix of combat experience and extensive business skills

    Our methodology has its roots in the high reliability world of military fighter aviation. It’s based on a four-step process of planning, briefing, executing, and debriefing every mission and is used by elite military professionals to guarantee results. This process that has enabled some of the best teams in the world to survive and thrive in the business of combat is just as applicable in the world of business. The knowledge that was once reserved for the few who made it to the Top Gun is now available to business leaders. Our leading-edge curriculum enables managers at all levels in your organization to dramatically improve execution and more importantly- close the execution gap and IMPROVE RESULTS.

    Dr. James Brown

    Change Management: The Undercover Role of the Project Manager

    Do you have the fundamental change management knowledge to assure project success?
    Change management for organizational (stakeholder and customer acceptance) of change is a responsibility of the project manager. But, it is a role that is typically underappreciated… underutilized… and frankly not even recognized by many project managers. Change management is complex. There is no cookbook recipe you can find and then simply apply to your situation. Change management is necessary for success. Just like a battery stores up energy, you need to store up knowledge of change management and then apply when needed. This keynote presentation will help you do just that. 

    About Dr. James Brown

    James T. Brown Ph.D., president of SEBA® Solutions Inc., a Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute, has provided project management training for dozens of companies nationally and internationally. He has sixteen years of NASA experience that includes “hands on” experience as a team member, project manager and serving in executive level organizational leadership roles.


    He has served as a subject matter expert for a leading project software vendor and is the author of The Handbook of Program Management published by McGraw-Hill. He also provides project management training online and has been published in numerous project management publications including PM NetworkPE MagazinePMI Community PostProjects@Work, The Systems Thinker and PM World Today.