MiniBio Series - Oscar Barrios, PMI Houston Director of Membership

    Tell us a little about yourself!

    I am Oscar Barrios. I was born in Queretaro, Mexico. I am a mechanical engineer and I have a Master of Science in Materials from Center of Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute.

    How long have you been working in Project Management and what's your current professional position?

    I have been working in Project Management since 2007 in different companies like General Electric Aviation, Mabe Technology & Projects, and CIATEQ Advance Engineering Center. Currently, I am working at EP America Inc as Project Manager and Strategic Planner in logistics.

    How long have you been involved with the Houston PMI® Chapter and in what capacities?

    I have been involved with the Houston PMI Chapter since January 2016. I volunteered in the PMI 2016 Houston Annual Conference and I joined the PMI Membership area in March 2017 as a Membership Analyst. Currently, I am volunteering as Director of Membership and I have been in this position since Jan 2018.

    What are the biggest benefits you’ve realized from volunteering at PMIH?

    The first benefit is being part of a group of people with remarkable personal and professional qualities and learning from their experiences whilst also sharing my own experiences with the team.

    Also, I have participated in different PMI events – such as the PMI regional leaders conference, which has helped me to understand the Project Management tendency and expand my networking in a very friendly atmosphere.  In summary, my time as a PMI Volunteer has highly contributed to my personal and professional growth. Thanks, PMI!!!

    Describe the most interesting/challenging/exciting project you've ever been involved with.

    This is a difficult question because I have more than one interesting project to share.

    While I was working at GE Aviation, I led a project which required the production of two new aircraft motor components: Main fuel Pump and Main Fuel Filter. It was a challenge because these were new products that needed detailed customer requirements, design, audit suppliers, testing, manufacturing, assembly, and production – using the NPI and PMI methodologies. These 2 components also had to comply with high-quality standards (AS-9100) – all within budget!

    Then, while I was working at Mabe, I led a project which required developing an appliance with a new textile prewash system. This project was a challenge because I coordinated a multidisciplinary team of marketing, product planning, engineering, industrial design, suppliers, manufacturing, compliance and sales executives. It was a challenge to focus the team on customer needs through the different project phases. As part of the results, I awarded a patent in US, Canada, and Mexico market. Right now at EP America, I am working on very interesting projects but this time in logistics field where I am learning a lot about this field.

    "How to Land Your Next PM Job in 40 Days" - Anthony Ally

    Anthony Ally has interviewed CXOs and managers at all levels to hire into Fortune 5 and smaller companies. He learned what it takes to hire & promote ideal clients from the best organizations in the world. He has already helped several of our members land higher roles and get promoted in 40 days. 

    As an executive coach, management consultant, and award-winning Professional Speaker, Anthony is passionate about getting executives the more ideal hires! He is also at times willing to train candidates to approach the market from a CXO perspective to reduce time to hire more ideal candidates from those just 'applying for a job'. 

    To be clear, Anthony is not a 'career coach'. He wants PMs who are ready to add high value to CXOs because his client companies are wanting to get more done with less time spent in traditional hiring processes! He shows us why to land our ideal role faster, we must apply the burn my resume 1st strategy! He wants you to partner with HR and to train the interviewer how to get more value in limited interview time, so all professionals gain more results faster than before! 

    There is also a skill set training on the preparation approach before a job interview to convey career confidence.