"How to Land Your Next PM Job in 40 Days" - Anthony Ally

    Anthony Ally has interviewed CXOs and managers at all levels to hire into Fortune 5 and smaller companies. He learned what it takes to hire & promote ideal clients from the best organizations in the world. He has already helped several of our members land higher roles and get promoted in 40 days. 

    As an executive coach, management consultant, and award-winning Professional Speaker, Anthony is passionate about getting executives the more ideal hires! He is also at times willing to train candidates to approach the market from a CXO perspective to reduce time to hire more ideal candidates from those just 'applying for a job'. 

    To be clear, Anthony is not a 'career coach'. He wants PMs who are ready to add high value to CXOs because his client companies are wanting to get more done with less time spent in traditional hiring processes! He shows us why to land our ideal role faster, we must apply the burn my resume 1st strategy! He wants you to partner with HR and to train the interviewer how to get more value in limited interview time, so all professionals gain more results faster than before! 

    There is also a skill set training on the preparation approach before a job interview to convey career confidence.

    July 2018: President's Letter

    By Terry Minhas, PMI Houston Chapter President

    PMI Houston Chapter held the 2018 Annual Conference and Expo in June. It was a 2-day event full of presentations, workshops and vendor displays. And what an event it was! On behalf of PMI Houston, I would like to thank the keynote speakers, presenters, attendees, sponsors and vendors for making it such a success. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the many talented and dedicated volunteers who contributed their time and effort to plan and execute such a great event. Hats off to all of you!

    We are sensitive to the situation many of our community members are facing due to the downturn in the Houston economy during the past few years. As indicated earlier, the first workshop to assist those looking for employment or better job opportunities is scheduled for Saturday, July 28, 2018. This workshop, under the title ‘How to Land Your Next PM Job in 40 Days’, will be conducted by Anthony Ally. Mr. Ally is a professional speaker and renowned executive coach. Don’t miss it!

    It is summer time. Our kids are out of school. It’s time to connect, create memories and have fun. While it is fine to use the project management expertise to plan the trips, just be easy. My wife always tells me it’s a vacation, not a project. I’ll let you decide where the balance lies. As parents, we are responsible to cultivate the minds of our children for a better and safer future for our homeland. It’s an investment. Whatever you do this summer, stay cool, have fun and be safe!

    Food for thought: “Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children.” – Walter Elias Disney