December 2018 - From the President

    By Terry Minhas, PMI Houston Chapter President

    As I transition from the role of President of PMI Houston for this year to the role of Past President next year, what I would like to do the most is to say “THANK YOU” wholeheartedly for your support and trust in me - and your input for continuous improvement and change.

    PMI, as an organization, is providing numerous services to the professional communities worldwide in the areas of thought leadership,

    publications, networking, talent management and government activities & advocacy, just to mention a few.

    Our Chapter, PMI Houston, continued this year to uphold the principles of PMI and strived to provide as many services as possible to our professional community in Cosmopolitan Houston. We are over 4000 members strong. I take great pride in saying that we organized many events throughout the year to serve the community in the best possible manner and cater to the needs of all stakeholders.

    Needless to say, this would have not been possible without the dedication and sacrifices of the PMI Houston Board, leaders and volunteers who serve in many committees, support from our sponsors and vendors, and the new and creative ideas from the professional community at large.

    Thank you, Houston!

    We are entering the holiday season. It is time to be with loved ones, engage in festivities, do your spending in a smart way and have fun. Let’s not forget those in need. Reflect upon this year and plan for improvement in character and profession.

    Drive carefully and be safe.

    Food for thought: "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." - Abraham Lincoln

    November 2018: From the President



    What makes America great? The abundance of natural resources. Strong economy. Innovation and technological advantage. Peace and prosperity. Freedom and democracy. Generous people. The list goes on and on. America is great because we have the freedom resulting from a democratic process and governing structure with the consent of its citizens. As you head to the midterm election, please keep in mind the power of a vote, the power of YOU!

    What makes the PMI Houston Chapter great? It’s your vote. The power of You! The PMI Houston Board is elected by the members - YOU. The Board uses the authority bestowed upon by you to lead, to develop a long-term strategy, and to plan and execute activities to serve you in the best possible manner. The Board is accountable to you. Thank you for voting the Board in. And, thanks to the Board and volunteers for putting their time and effort in to make it happen.

    PMI, as an organization, continues to find innovative ways to keep members engaged and extend the PMI brand. One such tool is podcast. You can learn techniques to help solve daily problems, learn best practices and get expert advice to advance careers through Projectified™ with PMI, an official podcast series. Free downloads are available 24/7 at

    Food for thought: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ? Theodore Roosevelt