February 2019: From the President

    Bob Frasier, PMI Houston Chapter 2019 President

    Gaining Traction A very busy January and Look Ahead

    Last month, I wrote about the formation of our chapter 45 years ago. This perspective gives us time to not only reflect but more importantly, look ahead for where we need to position for the future.

    Board of Directors (BOD) Restructuring

    The Board structure has changed many times through the years to match the needs of our membership. Over the past two months, the Leadership Team has reviewed our current structure as well as a Role Delineation Study from PMI which has been revised to reflect commonalities and roles across chapters. In our Board meeting on January 26, 2019, the Board voted to update our BOD structure to more closely align with the survey and provide standardized roles. These changes will require an update to our bylaws and ratification by our membership. We are targeting to have our bylaws updated and ready for a special election in Q1 2019.


    I am pleased to announce the following Board appointments. As you are aware, we are a volunteer-led organization and would like to thank all those who give their time to further our chapter and the profession.

    • VP eBusiness – Carmen Saucedo
    • VP Finance – Angela Doray
    • VP Marketing – Mame Leslie
    • VP Professional Development – Lauren Machol
    • Director at Large Volunteers – Stephanie Dixon


    Annual Planning and Core Services

    Finally –  As part of our 2019 annual planning process, the Core Services are finalizing the goals for chapter delivery in 2019. The Core Services are developed in partnership with PMI and are in four categories:

    • Chapter Events - Non-PDU events or events providing up to 2-PDUs
    • Career Development - Events offering 3-PDUs or more
    • Member Communication
    • Member Benefits.

    The Vice President of each committee has mapped services to these categories - with assigned targets for 2019.

    It’s been a busy month! I will continue to use this space to keep you updated as we progress through the year.

    As always, I welcome any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and even compliments directly at president@pmihouston.org

    President's Letter: January 2019

    Bob Frasier, PMI Houston Chapter 2019 President

    PMI turns 50 and PMI Houston Turns 45!


    PMI turning 50 might not surprise you, but did you know PMI Houston is turning 45?

    Until I became more involved, I did not realize the rich history of the Houston chapter and the instrumental role Houston area practitioners played in the formation of PMI.

    Two of the five founding PMI members in 1968 were from Houston. Organization and planning meetings for the Houston chapter began in 1974, ultimately leading in the formal charter approval in September of 1974.

    Eric Jenett was both a founding PMI member as well as a PMI Houston member and he became the first president in 1975. You will hear more about the history of our chapter throughout the year -  as we celebrate this milestone in our history.

    As we begin 2019, the chapter’s focus remains on serving our membership, volunteers and the profession in Houston. We are reviewing our core services, current Board Of Directors structure and ways in which we can more actively engage our members and volunteers.

    The records show that PMI Houston ended its first full year in 1975 with 38 members in 1975 and today I’m very proud to say that we have 4,412 members today!

    As always, I welcome any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and even compliments directly at president@pmihouston.org

    Happy New Year, I look forward to serving you in 2019.