April 2018 - From the President

    Terry Minhas, President of PMI Houston

    PMI Houston Chapter is run by the elected Board of Directors (BoD). The electoral process for 2019 is about to begin. Stay tuned for more information on the process, schedule and qualification criteria.

    I would like to remind the membership that the success of our Chapter and quality of our services is determined by the Board of Directors YOU elect. Therefore, your active participation in the electoral process by voting for the right candidates is critical. Also, I would urge members to seriously consider running for open positions to benefit the Chapter by unleashing your potential. If you wish to learn more and get exposure to the board meetings and activities, please contact me. I am a strong advocate of inclusion and empowerment. This is your opportunity to get involved and to play a role in making PMI Houston even better.

    Food for Thought: “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” - Thomas Jefferson

    March - From the President

    Terry Minhas, President of PMI Houston

    PMI was established nearly 50 years ago to advance and advocate for the Project Management (PM) profession. This organization, which spans the globe with over 450,000 members, is primarily run by volunteers. The Houston Chapter is no exception. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our Chapter.

    Through its programs and activities, the Houston Chapter offers numerous volunteering opportunities resulting in learning new processes, techniques and technologies. The Programs Committee organizes Monthly and Bi-monthly meetings at 7 different venues in the Greater Houston area along with Lunch & Learn program at various locations. Speakers from a variety of disciplines share their knowledge with attendees. These services are planned and executed by volunteers.

    The Professional Development (PD) Committee organizes training programs for the PM community. These training programs range from PMP & CAPM Prep courses to Project Management Framework classes. These offerings are aligned with PMI’s strategy to help project managers develop their skills and enhance their careers. The PD Committee is run by dedicated volunteers.

    The Membership Committee organizes networking and volunteer appreciation events. These events allow the PM Community to network, share ideas and have fun! These events are generally held at restaurants with a variety of delicious food and beverages. Their popularity is on the rise. These events are organized by volunteers.

    Similarly, the eBiz, Outreach and Marketing Committees are diligently working to communicate with the PM Community through the website pmihouston.org, the newsletter, social media and videos, to name a few. These Committees are run by volunteers.

    Our volunteers have collaborated with Rebuilding Together Houston to help neighbors in need, collected toys for children at Christmas time, supported our sister organizations, and so on. The PMI Houston Annual Conference and Expo is primarily planned and executed by volunteers. The list goes on.

    Houston Chapter’s success is a result of our volunteers’ efforts. My hat’s off to all the volunteers who make this happen!

    We continue to grow. So, opportunities do arise to volunteer for the Chapter. I encourage you to take a serious look at it. You can begin with volunteering for a few hours a month with a potential to keep building leadership skills all the way to become the President of PMI Houston. Come join and grow with us. If interested, please contact director.volunteer@pmihouston.org.


    Food for thought: “On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.” ? Thomas Jefferson