Southwest Venue - September

    After the June hiatus for the PMI Houston Conference, the Southwest Venue continued its monthly meetings with Chris Delgado using an example us Houstonians can relate to: traffic, to illustrate how Monte Carlo analysis can help us plan and execute our projects realistically. And this month, Terry Suffredini, PE, spent the hour with us unscrambling various solutions to help us get through three issues that tend to stop us from leading more effectively:  

    •         Assumptions about ourselves, our luck, our demeanor
    •         Fears of failure, success, work/life balance
    •         Capacity to handle our work and theirs, people issues, and motivation

    So how do we work through these difficulties and step up to the leadership plate? We need to: 

    •         Know what we want
    •         Stay true to ourselves
    •         Respect ourselves and others
    •         Be confident, or at least convey the perception of confidence
    •         Prioritize work
    •         Take care of ourselves physically
    •         Know what motivates – us and the team
    •         Have fun! 
    In other Southwest Venue news, due to remodeling scheduled to occur at our Schlumberger location, we are temporarily relocating to another site in Sugarland. For September we are scheduled to meet at the First Colony Branch Library, 2121 Austin Parkway, Sugarland; however, we advise you to check the calendar on the PMI Houston site to ensure no last minute changes have occurred. Wherever we do meet, we want to see you there so come on down on Wednesday, September 20th, at 5:30 p.m., and join us for a good time of learning and networking! All you have to do is register at here and show up. Parking and snacks are free for all attendees! 

    Executive Breakfast


    Executive Breakfast

    By Jim Benvie, PMI® Houston Chapter VP of Programs

    Our Platinum sponsor LitheSpeedwill be sponsoring an Executive Breakfast with PMI® Houston in the fall. (The provisional date is October 26th).

    If you are a Program Manager, PMO Manager, or executive who would like to understand how Agile and Lean methods could benefit your company, you should plan to attend. Alternatively, if you feel your manager would benefit from attending please recommend this event to him or her. This event is in line with LitheSpeed’s mission to make people’s work more productive,valued, and fulfilling.

    The Key Takeaway: Some people think Agile and Lean methods are fads.  LitheSpeedbelieves they’re the key to a cultural shift and a transformative way of getting things done.

    For more information on LitheSpeed, please visit For more information regarding the event, please contact Jim Benvie at