Richard Allen Retires

    This month we say goodbye to Richard Allen, who announced he was retiring from his position as Director of Internal eBusiness and Technologies – SharePoint and Mail Systems.  Richard is a longtime resident of Houston after growing up in northern Indiana.  He has worked at Superior Oil and Chase Bank here.

    Richard has worked tirelessly with PMI Houston since 2008, starting with the Finance Committee and moving to eBusiness four years ago.  As part of the eBusiness group, he has increased visibility of and access to the chapter Sharepoint site.  Under his stewardship, PMI Houston has seen improved adherence to standards for interdepartmental communications and Sharepoint usage as they’ve been introduced.

    Richard has high hopes for Carmen Segovia, his replacement in charge of Sharepoint and Outlook 365.  Carmen will continue to address challenges our chapter faces with these technologies – security, usage, and organization.

    Richard is looking forward to traveling and working with fund-raising activities in his retirement.  We wish him well with these, and want him to know his friends at PMI Houston will miss him and his contributions!