What inspires you?

    From the President
    Amy Stonesifer, Past President PMI Houston

    Happy New Year!

    What inspires you? What drives you? How do you refuel yourself and build your skills? What time have you set aside to invest in yourself?

    Working in the project management profession can be demanding. High stress projects with issues, turnover, changes and new requirements are daunting at times. We need to find ways to refuel ourselves, and to be inspired to gain new insights and ideas to keep our skills current.  Here are some activities I pursue to stay current:

    1)       Blogs, Articles, Websites

    I follow a couple blogs specific to my job. One is focused on Agile methods and another on IBM collaboration software. ProjectManagement.com is a great place to find great articles and tools to use. And because you are a PMI member, it’s free!

    2)       Networking & Chapter programs

    I attend PMI Houston events for networking events and monthly chapter meetings to hear from other professionals. The speakers always seem to provide good content with new ideas or sharpen my skills. Meeting and speaking with other professionals provides a great opportunity to hear their challenges and to listen to their ideas. The voice of my peer gives me perspective. Just having a conversation about someone’s work can be inspiring, and it opens the door to what is happening in the Houston area.

    3)       Professional Development

    Dedicating time during the year to attend training or a conference provides me with a great opportunity to stay current on technology and to learn new skills. In addition, I’ve used some web- based training to learn new skills over the last year. And, of course, I mark my calendar each June for PMI Houston’s annual conference. This year our 2-day conference will be June 4th and 5th at NRG Center. We’re working to solidify our keynote speakers and plan to open registration in late February. Join us, and bring a friend!

    Mark your calendar / Schedule time

    We live in a fast-paced world. If you don’t schedule it, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. Carve out time in your schedule each week to read a blog, take a web session, register to attend a networking or chapter meeting. Plan out time to earn your PMP. Put it in your calendar, where you’re more likely to take it seriously! Invest in yourself! Feed your mind and build your skills.


    Thinking about certification? Stop waiting! PMPBOK 6 is out and you can plan now to take a PMP certification class to prepare and finally take the exam. Check out our website for our monthly prep class.