Meet our Leadership! – Jack Wilson, VP of Outreach

    Jack Wilson, VP Outreach
    PMI Houston

    How long have you been working in Project Management and what's your current professional position?

    I’ve been working as Project and Business Analyst for the last 6 years. I currently work in the Pipeline Industry as a Project Control Analyst, crunching project metrics and tracking high-level project performance.

    How long have you been involved with the Houston PMI® Chapter and in what capacities?

    I began volunteering for the Chapter as Director of Communications under the eBusiness and Technology Committee where I owned the processes involving the Chapter’s Newsletter and assisted with the Chapter’s website revision. I was recently nominated and elected to the Board as Vice President of Outreach to serve a two-year term.

    Describe the most interesting/challenging/exciting project you've ever been involved with.

    While I lived overseas, I had the opportunity to create a proposal for an Islamic Microfinance Program that would be implemented in North Africa. Shortly thereafter, I had the unique challenge to evaluate a small, grassroots non-profit Microfinance Program in Haiti. Both of these experiences greatly enlarged my worldview and added valuable context from which I still draw for current projects.

    Which part(s) of the Chapter’s Strategic Plan really resonate with you and why?

    I appreciate the charge to strengthen our Chapter’s foundation. Without this foundation, the Chapter’s Service Areas are more vulnerable to fracturing due to volunteer turnover, changes in the industry or community, and turnover of Board leaders. Making our foundation stronger ensures our Chapter remains relevant and continues to serve its Members and the Project Management profession in the future.

    If you could change something about the Project Management field, what would it be and why?

    I would love for people to think of my time spent in Haiti working with women in the marketplace, my service in North Africa building a proposal for displaced people, and my current role here in the U.S. assisting a large corporation when they consider Project Management. When working in the general Project Management profession, one has the ability to elicit change, fix broken processes, and ensure deliverables are getting to those who need them the most. Thinking about working in the Project Management profession should excite people!