Meet the PMI Houston Programs Committee

    Meet the PMI Houston Programs Committee

    Evening Venues

    The Programs Committee of PMI Houston is currently operating seven evening venues across our area, ranging from Brazos Valley in College station, to South West in Sugarland. Details of all the venues can be found under the “Meetings” tab on the landing page of

    All the meetings are run for our members, by dedicated teams of volunteers. Leading the venue teams are:

    •         Brazos Valley – Jayant Palkar
    •         Woodlands – Janis Warner
    •         North – Edwin Jabbour
    •         Energy Corridor (Our newest venue) – Wendy Valot
    •         Galleria – Mohammad Ali Minhas (Our newest Venue Lead)
    •         Downtown – Tim Powell (Who will be stepping down)
    •         South West – Ndubuisi (Nd) Nebo


    In addition to the evening venues PMI Houston operates four quarterly Lunch and Learns.

    • L&L West – Larry Short

    o   BP Energy Corridor Lunch and Learn

    o   Shell Lunch and Learn

    • L&L Central – Bruce Garrett, transitioning to Kathy Kest at the end of March.

    o   Stage Stores Lunch and Learn

    o   Texas Medical Center Lunch and Learn

    Toastmaster Clubs

    The programs group also works with our affiliated Toastmaster clubs. We currently have four clubs which are associated with specific venues:

    •         Woodlands PMIH Toastmasters
    •         North PMIH Toastmasters
    •         Galleria PMIH Toastmasters
    •         South West PMIH Toastmasters

    This month our Toastmaster colleagues will be running a demo Toastmaster meeting at the Downtown venue on the 30th, with the intention of forming a Downtown PMIH Toastmasters club. So, if you work downtown and are interested in Toastmasters please come along.

    I would like to ask that you join me in thanking Bruce and Tim, who will be standing down after several years of selfless volunteering, and to wish them well in their future endeavors.

    We are planning changes this year and will be requesting feedback from you the members, regarding what you would like to see, and how we can deliver stimulating programs that will meet your needs. Please speak to your venue directors or myself, at the meetings; you can also e-mail me at if you have any comments or suggestions.

    I am looking forward to meeting you all during our 2017 program!