June Toastmasters - Tips and Discussions


    Quote: “Those who tell the stories rule the world” – Native American Proverb

    • Toastmaster International's "90 Tips From 90 Years"


    1. Don’t overload your slides. Keep your slides concise; don’t overload them with too many talking points.


    Commencement Lessons

    • Relationships Matter> People thrive in relationships. If you do not build them over time, they will not be there.
    • Words Matter> Encourage, Uplift, Recognize, Thank others with intent. Remember how others’ words have affected you.  Take the opportunity to make a difference to others.
    • You Matter> When Einstein was asked to show his lab, he pointed to his head. Before an idea can be can be put into action, someone must think of it.


    Being a Good Conversationalist Aids the Job Search

    • Good Conversation is a two-way communication. It involves all the senses including non-verbal, eye contact & interested listening
    • Aim for a 50-50 balance of talking and listening.
    • Be focused when listening and talking.
    • Open-ended questions fuel the conversation. Avoid Yes/No questions.
    • Use the WAIT (Why Am I Talking) technique to judge whether you are dominating the conversation.


    Nail Your Workplace Presentation

    • Choose the Main Point of your presentation
    • Select your opening and closing to emphasize the main point of the presentation
    • Practice aloud and in real time
    • Time your presentation practice so you won’t go over the time limit
    • Remember the audience needs twice as long to digest your speech as you do to present it, so slow down and uses pauses frequently.
    • If you use notes, don’t speak while looking down at them. Deliver the information to the audience by looking at them.
    • Project your voice to the back of the room.
    • Don’t be afraid to pause.
    • Use stories to illustrate or make your point
    • With slides, explain the relevance of each slide to the story.
    • Transition gracefully to the master of ceremonies or next speaker, as appropriate.
    • If presenting online, look into the camera as much as possible, rather than at your notes or screen.
    • If presenting online, test your technology ahead of time to minimize real-time issues.


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    -“In the Beginning” Excerpted from Toastmaster magazine, May 2018, authored by Will Newman

    -“Nail your Workplace Presentation” Excerpted from Toastmaster magazine, May 2018, authored by Joel Schwartzberg


    You can learn more about telling your stories at a Project Management Toastmasters Club! 

    Project Management Toastmasters clubs are open to all, but members are predominantly professional project managers. Houston Area Project Management Toastmasters Clubs are sponsored by PMI Houston and aligned with the goals of PMI International.   Certified PMPs receive Professional Development Units (PDUs) for participation.