June 2018: Letter from the President

    The Houston economy was significantly impacted by the fall in oil prices in late 2014. Economic growth in Houston has since has been at a lower rate than its average annual growth rate. On top of that, the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey last year and its aftermath had another major impact on the economy as homes, businesses, infrastructure, plants and many facilities were destroyed or shut down. Displacement and layoffs resulting from the economic downturn impacted many Houston families.

    The Houston economy is resilient of course. Future economic growth for Houston is looking promising.  Crude prices are jumping up. The price was up close to $73 a barrel in May for the first time since November 2014. If the oil prices stay above $60 a barrel in 2018 as forecast, the Houston metropolitan area is projected to add around 75,000 jobs. Good news for Houstonians!

    PMI Houston feels the pain the professional community of Houston is going through. We have been trying to help job seekers in our monthly meeting, networking events and through job posting on our website. I am pleased to report that we are embarking on another initiative. PMI Houston is planning a series of events to help job seekers. The first non-traditional event is being scheduled for July 2018. It will be a workshop titled ‘How to Land Your Next PM Job in 40 Days’. Stay tuned for details.

    If there are potential employers and recruiters who wish help in this initiative, please get in touch with us. This has to be a collective effort to help those who are in need at this point in their lives.