Project Management Toastmasters Clubs - Tips and Discussions (copy)

    Project Management Toastmasters Clubs - Tips and Discussions

    Quote:"Those who tell the stories rule the world” – Native American Proverb


    -  Toastmaster International's "90 Tips From 90 Years"


    23. Be prepared for the worst. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Be prepared by having print-outs of your presentation slides and a copy of your presentation on USB drive.


    We can be the author of the defining moments that shape our lives and our stories.


    Openings, closings & personal revelations have even more impact that speakers realize.


    Consider the 4 elements of Defining Moments:


    1. Elevation > Defining moments that rise above the everyday.
    2. Insight > Aha moments that often arise when we stretch ourselves or risk failure.
    3. Pride > Moments of achievement or courage capture people at their best.
    4. Connection > Defining moments can create a sense of connection that bonds us together (graduations, weddings, speeches, work triumphs, or sporting events.


    The Power of Opening Up


    • A great way for speakers to connect with audiences is by revealing more of your true self to them.
    • There is power in an evaluation that not only points out areas where you can improve, but also expresses high expectations for your future performance.


    What Makes Some Speeches More Effective and Memorable that Others


    The main problem in presentations is that speakers are often too abstract with no concrete details.


    o    If you communicate with 3 parts exposition & 1 part example, it should be the reverse.
    o    Data is just the summary of your many stories, tell a few of those stories to get the point across.
    o    Let your main points hog the spotlight    (If you say 10 things, you say nothing!)
    o    Bring Reality into the Room  (Show, don’t tell.)


    Identify & Achieve Your 2018 Goals


    • Learn how to discover and pursue what’s most important to you this year.  If you don’t know where you are going, you are unlikely to get there.
    • Figure out what’s most important.  Do first things first.
    • Find your blind spots.
    • Understand how your goals connect to the big picture.
    • Communicate your goals.


    - Excerpted from Toastmaster magazine, January 2018, on “The Power of Moments” by Chip and Dan Heath, authored by DanZielinski


    - Excerpts from Toastmaster magazine, January 2018, authored by David Peck


    You can learn more about telling your stories at a Project Management Toastmasters Club! 
    Project Management Toastmasters clubs are open to all, but members are predominately professional project managers. Houston Area Project Management Toastmasters Clubs are sponsored by PMI Houston and aligned with the goals of PMI International.   Certified PMPs receive Professional Development Units (PDUs) for participation.