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    *Due to overwhelming demand this session will be offered both in the morning and afternoon*

    After an overview of the Flawless Execution Model, you will quickly put that conceptual learning into action, creating a real-world working plan to move the organization forward based on your corporate Mission Objective. Utilizing the cornerstone of Flawless Execution, the Six Steps to Combat Mission Planning®, you will leave this session with a plan that is customized to meet the goals and objectives of your organization and is ready for immediate implementation.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe an immediately executable plan for your district built around a clear, concise mission objective. 
    2. Discuss how to execute a rapid analysis of threats, resources, lessons learned and contingencies. 
    3. Demonstrate a functional understanding of how to recognize and eliminate Task Saturations. 
    4. Outline tactical tools to support individual rapid planning in day-to-day operationsThis Rapid Planning Workshop challenges your team to put what they have just learned to work. Your teams will develop individual plans leveraging the Six Steps of Mission PlanningSM with the guidance of our Executive Consultants.

    This session qualifies for 3.5 Strategic PDUs.

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    Explore the movement to business Agility through agile portfolio management and planning
    This workshop will explore Lean Portfolio management to maximize the ability of businesses to react to change and maximize value. Participants will simulate a fictional portfolio of projects and emerging opportunities to better understand the tools and techniques used in Agile Portfolio Management. We will also explore how organizations will have to modify their practices to facilitate real Business Agility and minimize the time between idea and implementation.

    This session qualifies for 3.5 Technical PDUs.

    Learning Scrum through simulating product planning and delivery.

    Participants in this workshop will learn the basics of Scrum through a combination of lecture and product delivery simulation.  Scrum is a dynamic framework that can adapt to the delivery of products and projects across multiple domains.  We will break up into teams and develop a product from discovery through delivery and trace through the artifacts, events and roles involved in Scrum delivery.  This fun experiential learning workshop will give participants an understanding of the Scrum framework and how it can be utilized by their teams.

    This session qualifies for 3.5 Technical PDUs.

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    Rick Gillis has been presenting this workshop to sold out rooms for PMI for several years. Updated on a continuing basis, only the very best and most current tactical and technology driven job search techniques are presented. Rick presents this in information with several illustrations from clients and his personal experience. 

    This session qualifies for 3.5 Strategic PDUs.


    Your career success depends on your ability to promote yourself correctly. To reach your true potential, you have to “express to impress” to those who matter most: higher-ups and hiring managers.

    Yet many people have a blatant inability to suitably self-promote. They can’t express their value in a way that wows without also bragging or being obnoxious. As an employment and job search coach, Rick Gillis has come to consider this skill gap a deadly deficiency. Left unaddressed, it kills careers.

    Are you valuable? Of course you are. Here are six points that the PROMOTE! book addresses that will allow you to express your value in a consistent and professional style.

    1. Don’t assume that your boss knows exactly what you do. S/he doesn’t.
    2. Embrace the difference between articulating your value and bragging. 
    3. Adopt an accomplishment mindset and narrative. 
    4. Quantify your worth. 
    5. Source and shape your success stories.

    Master the three-part accomplishment statement. 

    This session qualifies for 3.5 Leadership PDUs.

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    High-Performance Toolkit

    Are you running your life or is it running you!?
    Are you managing your resources in life for maximum individual effectiveness?

    How can you bring 100% of your best self to every action and interaction in your work life?

    • High-performance is a State of Being
    • High-performance is a State-of-Mind
    • High-performance is a second job!!


     Attend this 2-session workshop to pick-up and learn to use a powerful new model for personal effectiveness and a related set of tools and techniques to raise the bar toward your peak performance.

    Session 1“Wealth, Value and the Currencies of Attention and Energy”

    High performance is ultimately about becoming wealthy… AND wealth is more than money!


    • What it really means to be wealthy.
    • How wealth relates to creating value and managing assets in every area of your life.Discover:
    • A whole new way to look at the process of living your life called Wealth Consciousness.
    • A system of integrated tools to put that new paradigm into practice in your day-to-day life.
    • What it truly means to rigorously and systematically “Pay Attention” and “Manage Energy.”
    This session qualifies for 3.5 Leadership PDUs.


    Session 2 “Owning Your Time and Building Social Capital

    Take a break from being busy…to be busy better and build your relationships before you need them.


    • How the ability to choose is the single most critical factor in making the most of your time.
    • What it means to view relationships as capital assets – perhaps the most valuable you will ever possess.


    • How to secure and profitably exercise your choice in how you spend your time.
    • How to build and cultivate your web of relationships into as tremendous engine for generating wealth for the rest of your life.

      This session qualifies for 3.5 Leadership PDUs.

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    Organizational success is rooted in successful relationships at all levels. Conflict is a natural part of any work environment and must be addressed in a positive and effective manner.
    When improperly handled, conflicts can create barriers to organizational efficiency that can linger and/or spill over to other areas outside of the original situation. When properly handled, conflicts are resolved in a manner that maintains relationships and produces mutually agreeable outcomes.
    This course focuses on conflict management and negotiations through prevention and resolution.

    After completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

    • Interpret key human behavior elements and their impact on conflict
    • Apply human behavior principles to prevent/minimize conflict through the establishment of strong relationships
    • Resolve conflict in a positive way

    Conflict prevention ensures participants know human behavior and relationship building skills that minimize conflict potential and impact. Prevention essentially attacks organizational conflicts at the source. This is especially important for technical personnel that are unaware of and/or discount the importance of human behavior and relationships. Resolution focuses on skill development for negotiations and handling real time conflicts. 

    This session qualifies for 3.5 Leadership PDUs.

    Facilitation is a core competency that is frequently taken for granted. It is assumed that a group of smart, dedicated people can meet together and produce great results. Often that is not the case because of a lack of facilitation skills.

    Good facilitation involves the integration of process and people through planning and real time guidance. Ever increasing technological and organizational complexity requires project managers to be more adept at bringing divergent groups together to produce high-quality decisions and plans.

    After completion of this course you’ll be able to:

    • Communicate why facilitation skills are required
    • Explain the role of the facilitator
    • Make use of effective facilitation tools
    • Plan and execute a facilitation session
    • Identify group dynamics and apply techniques to maximize positive outcomes
    • Manage challenging group members and situations
    • Create long lasting agreements
    • Avoid the common errors of facilitators
    This session qualifies for 3.5 Leadership PDUs.

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    There is nothing like watching a team that is operating at full capacity; running like a finely tuned machine. When a team “gels” they seem to work together in a synchronized way that produces results greater than the sum total of its parts.  High performance teams do not happen by chance, they are built intentionally.
    From this session, participants will be able to:

    • Discover the power of context in an organization
    • Learn the source of effective performance
    • Distinguish the 5 practices of a High Performance Team
    This session qualifies for 3.5 Leadership PDUs.

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    Whether dealing with team members, upper management or key stakeholders, the way you speak and listen plays a critical role in your ability to gain buy-in and get the results you need.  So often leaders skip this critical step, yet it is a simple and key leverage point.  In this session you will learn nine key steps to creating an effective leadership message that moves people to action.
    From this session, participants will be able to:
        1. Create a powerful leadership message that moves people to action and creates buy-in
        2. “ACE’ tough issues head on

    This session qualifies for 3.5 Leadership PDUs.

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